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Photo by Kent Horner Karl Malone

 In 2003 the Utah Jazz commissioned Brian to create 1-½ life size sculptures of John Stockton and Karl Malone for their home arena, the Delta Center.

 The project includes several phases; the first of these is to create half-lifesize versions of the final pieces. This half-sized version is currently in progress for Karl Malone.

 This page details the progress of the Karl Malone statues. To see the work for John Stockton, please go to his page.

Measuring Karl

 Precision requires measurement
Photo by Kent Horner
Building Armature

 A rigid frame forms the base of the sculpture. This armature allows for substantial change in position when adjusted, but remains solid otherwise.
Photo by Scott Frederick
Roughing Karl

 A rough model of clay is laid on the armature. This model provides a framework to build on.
Photo by Kent Horner
Early work

 The statue in its very early stages.
Photo by Kent Horner
Full size clay model

 The full size statue takes a large room to accommodate.
Photo by Rachel Thurston
Working on face

 Minuscule details require attention at later stages.
Photo by Rachel Thurston
Working on ladder

 Even working on the chest requires a tall ladder.
Photo by Rachel Thurston
Nearing completion

 The clay is remarkably lifelike.
Photo by Rachel Thurston
Finished piece at unveiling

 The statue on location.
Photo by Brett Wright